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  Personal trainers all around London… @ home and @ the park

  Affordable for everyone, no membership fees or contract

  Convenient – where you want it, when you want it

  The MOOSE comes to you - save time!

  Easy online scheduling and payment

  Avoid the gym! Have fun! Stay motivated! Get results!

  Special fitness classes and events for kids

  Avid supporters of healthier habits for life

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All personal trainers are fully 
insured, have first aid certificates
& have criminal record checks.

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Welcome to Moose X-Training!

The MOOSE is a mobile personal training studio designed to accommodate you and your busy lifestyle. 

We offer a unique approach to fitness that is fun, friendly, and fabulous. There are no membership fees, no crowded changing rooms and no intimidating (and smelly) gym equipment.

Likewise, with specialties like personal training @ home and personal training @ the park, there is no time wasted slogging to and from a gym, never mind lugging an unwieldy kit bag. 

Moose X-Training is all about taking the chore out of fitness.  We believe everyone deserves to feel fit and to look fab.  We even offer online scheduling and easy payment schemes… it doesn’t get any simpler. 

By making fitness convenient while still affordable, the MOOSE achieves results. 

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